Bodens Group invest in an ASTEC Peterson 5710D

The Boden’s Group is a biomass and Animal bedding recycling operator specialising in the sustainable and cost-effective processing of wood waste streams into the Biomass and Animal Bedding sectors.

Boden & Davies Ltd was established in 1961 by the late Geoff Boden and it is still owned as well as operated by the Boden family.

Bodens provide a wood waste collection service for all industries, including manufacturing, construction, demolition, and transfer station.  They produce many different grades of Biomass wood fuel which fits the specification of any biomass boiler domestic or commercial. Boden’s have a Large logistic network which enables them to deliver Nationwide in bulk or bagged form. In addition to the wood recycling business, Bodens Group supply high class Animal bedding derived from Virgin soft wood for any animal from domestic Pets to equine and Cattle.

Based in Astley, Manchester the company operate a variety of mobile and fixed plant.

Recently the company have upgraded their Peterson 2710D track-mounted horizontal grinder to its Big brother, the 1050HP Astec Peterson 5710D which has been supplied by the UK dealer, Neutron Equipment Ltd who are based in Reading, Berkshire.

Mike Boden – Operations Manager, takes up the story, “We are one of the largest, if not the largest wood Recycling companies in the UK which is one of the reasons we have invested in the Peterson.

“Previously we had the 2710D to process the wood waste which we have now outgrown, so we needed a bigger machine, and because the Peterson and neutron have given us a first-class service why not look at its bigger brother, the 1050hp Astec Peterson 5710D Horizontal grinder.  We had it on demonstration and were Blown away with the power of the machine giving enormous throughput of a quality end product.

“Even though it was a bigger heavier machine, it still had the ease of operation for changing knives, belts and overall, and we still found it very maintenance friendly which is particularly good for our operators.

“Throughput is extremely high at 100-120tph it is a real beast and makes the operator sweat as he must keep up with it!”

Increased processing efficiency
The Peterson 5710D is ideally suited to site clearances for biomass production and can process a wide range of materials including green waste, waste wood, logs, roots, stumps, and many types of vegetation.

Peterson 5710D Track Mounted Horizontal Grinder:
Weighing in at just over 40 tonnes the 5710D is powered by a Caterpillar C27 Tier IV, 1050 hp engine. Featuring the Peterson Impact Release System (IRS) your investment is fully protected. The 5710D features an adaptive feed system, an 18-bit pinned rotor, and 4 Grates, 180 ,with an area of 2.62m². A high production rate of 120tph for green waste and 100tph for wood waste completes the specification of this tough shredding machine.