Taurus Blu Line


Neutron Equipment Ltd

The new TAURUS BLULINE range represents progress and improvement in the construction of shears&balers. Important innovations have been introduced to the TAURUS BLULINE that encompass excellence and significant operational advantages. The BLULINE machines include stationary, mobile and transportable shears with up to 2000 tons of cutting force. BLULINE shears&balers are versatile machines, suitable for the compression and shearing of any type of scrap, HMS1, HMS2. bulky scrap, rails, E.L.V. etc…

TAURUS shear and presses are machines designed and built to withstand complex and high stresses produced during compression and cutting of scraps.

The machine structures are welded with automatic numerical control machining centers, and the submerged arc welded parts guarantee reliability and consistency to the weld seams and high resistance at high stresses. Furthermore, all the components of the shears and presses are machined with high precision CNC machining centers. The internal surfaces of the shear and the front surface of the movable blade holder, in contact with the scrap to be sheared, are protected by replaceable wear plates. The sliding guides are made of hardened steel and synthetic material, this combinations allows foreign bodies to drown in the plastic and therefore does not cause further damage to the guides.

The synthetic material is self-lubricating and has excellent emergency running properties. The adjustment of the guides, in order to eliminate coupling play, is carried out with a simple and original eccentric system, acting from outside the structure. The cutting force is transmitted to the mobile blade holder by two double-acting cylinders. This solution reduces contact friction between the guides to a minimum. The cutting system is more balanced and the wear of the guides is significantly reduced.
The blades are located in a housing and protected by a state-of-the-art design under blade and a counter-blade, to correctly distribute specific compression loads. The presence of high compressive strength materials, integrated in the structure of the shear and mobile blade holder, protects the blade housing from premature deformation and wear.

The BLULINE shears&balers are equipped with the original and renewed “swinging wing” squeezing system (patented). The well-established and tested compression system has been improved to reduce the working time and optimize the compression force transmission “curve”. The development and improvements can be seen within the over stroke action on both lids and the new geometry of the swinging wings. Both lids work in over stroke (patented) to facilitate the compression of the scrap and reduce wear due to friction. The floor of the squeezing box as well as the internal and external surfaces of the lids are in high and wear-resistant steel. The lever arms have been modified and the position of the cylinders has been adjusted. The wings are particularly solid and sturdy, and the lids have a honeycomb and closed structure to ensure springback and eliminate permanent deformations.