BALERS: JUNIOR-Transportable


The TRANSPORTABLE baler JJ composed of a single monolithic body, is equipped with 4 lifting cylinders to allow loading on the means of transport, the maximum lifting height is 1100 mm. The “L” shaped compression box has dimensions of 5/6 m,  2 cylinders per wing,  1 main cylinder (it can be supplied with two opposed main cylinders), on request, it can be fitted with bale exit door and operator’s cabin. The longitudinal cylinder is retractable in order to reduce the dimensions and facilitate the transport. At the rear of the machine, there is a platform integrated with the compression box. Under the platform are located: the main cylinder, the tank, the electrical and hydraulic components. At the side of the platform are positioned the electric or diesel engine necessary for its autonomous operation. The internal walls of the compression case of the JUNIOR balers are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel. The LL baler works simply supported and the 4 cylinders serve to ensure stability on the ground. JUNIOR balers are fast and suitable to treat the most different types of material. These machines are suitable for users who need to move them frequently or use them to rent to third parties.

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