BALERS: “J” SHEAR- Transportable


Loading-unloading JJ shear consists of a “one piece” structure equipped with 4 lifting jacks to allow loading on the semitrailer, the maximum lifting height is 1100 mm.

In the rear part of the structure, on the opposite side of the baler frame, a platform develops integral with the squeeze-box.

Under the platform is placed the main compression cylinder, the diesel tank, the batteries, the electric and hydraulic components, sideways the platform is placed the diesel engine necessary for the independent running of the machine.

The main compression cylinder is retractable in order to reduce overall dimensions during transport.The surfaces of the shear in contact with scrap are with “integrated” highly wear-resistant steel.

Shear of this group, besides shearing the scrap, can produce bales, that are automatically ejectedThe shear works directly on the ground and the 4 lifting cylinders are used to stabilize the machine. The JJ shear is a fast, robust and safe medium-sized machine suitable for processing a wide variety of materials.

These machines are suitable for users who need to move them frequently or use them to rent to third parties.

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